Trampoline for Kids: What You Need to Know about Safety

Trampoline for Kids: What You Need to Know about Safety

Young kids normally get injured or exposed to other environmental hazards when using a trampoline for kids. Even if the kid is monitored by a trained ‘spotter’, it still doesn’t stop them from getting injured or exposed. It has been reported by multiple research that half of all injuries occur with adult supervision.

However, most of these accidents can be reduced by adhering to simple instructions. You also need to put other factors into consideration like purchasing the appropriate trampoline and its accessories. Getting trampoline nets and trampoline padding for them can help reduce accident occurrence or injury to a minimal level.

Safety Guidelines to follow while using Trampoline

Choose an appropriate area that is free from some external or environmental constraints like trees, fences or toys.

Avoid placing the trampoline on a solid surface such as concrete. If your kid eventually falls down on a solid surface, it might lead result in serious injury. If you can’t afford a soft grassy lawn, then you can opt for bark wood chip or sand to help provide cover for the trampoline.

Trampolines don’t stay in a stable position while in use so endeavor to tie the trampoline down to make it stable and unmovable. You can utilize a tether kit for this task.

Ensure that only one child is using the trampoline at a single time. According to different researches, it has been observed that there is a high probability of two or more persons getting injured while using the trampoline at a single time and the lightest person might be the one that will suffer most.

Make sure that you monitor and supervise your kids closely and ensure that they don’t practice some tricks like somersaults. They should only perform these sorts of activities in a properly organized club. Also, exit a trampoline in the appropriate and certified way, not by bouncing off!

Ensure that they don’t carry some hard tools like iPod or toys when bouncing or playing on the trampoline.

Advise them and make sure that they bounce in the center position of the trampoline and keep other children away from the trampoline. Do not allow them to go underneath a trampoline.

If any parts of the trampoline for kids are not complete or damaged, avoid using them and buy the exact replacements before using them.

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