Tips on Identifying the Best Companies for a Last Minute Cleaning Service in Edmonton

Tips on Identifying the Best Companies for a Last Minute Cleaning Service in Edmonton

The first and most evident step when preparing to exit a property is to position yourself in the mindset of the inspector. The majority of the level-headed property managers basically want a hassle-free changeover, without any damage to repair or excess cleaning. Of course, as several households can testify, not every property manager is quite so level-headed! Either way, it cannot hurt to go a step further by employing the services of a last minute cleaning service in Edmonton to take care of the cleaning.

Remember: a first impression could be a permanent one. Good or bad, it could determine how the rest of the inspection would be. Subconsciously or consciously, a mopped floor, well-ventilated room or mopped floor could make all the difference between an exercise in frustration and a hassle-free inspection

Doors and Windows

In this area, it’s better to be pedantic. Go out of your way to look for possible problem areas, no matter how trivial or obscure or they appear. This includes checking for dust around light switches, window tracks/sliding door, windowsills, door frames and picture frames – all problem situations frequently neglected on even the cleanest of rented properties.

Clean windows could make a strong first impression. Happily, no complicated solutions are needed here. Simple supermarket window cleaners are affordable, effective and generally free of permanent odors.


Wall marks are a major problem area at all times, but in a lot of cases, they could be erased with simple home ingredients.

  • Pencil erasers could work wonders for normal scuff marks.
  • For painted walls, use baking soda with a lightly damp sponge or

Proceed with caution – ensure that you aren’t accidentally damaging wallpaper or removing paint in the process. Even if you’re using a very good spot cleaning product, leave a little margin for error by starting on obscure and small areas.

Solutions will differ from wall to wall. If in doubt, numerous professional cleaning services that specialize in last minute cleaning service in Edmonton will be glad to fast to offer email or phone advice.

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