How the PHP Framework Affects Your Bulletproof Hosting

How the PHP Framework Affects Your Bulletproof Hosting

Security personnel usethe concept “bulletproof hosting” to denote the hosting services that are considerateon the types of materialsthat they would let their customers distribute or upload.

What Type of Threats Are Inherent On These Servers?

Execution of Malware:

Exploit Kits

These particular servers can be able to host exploit kits, which is a harmful toolkit that attackers can use to help in the exploitation of a computer. The kits are themeans by which malware could be injected on agullible user’s computer throughsome software weaknesses.

Control Centers and Botnet Command

A control center and a botnet command could be the major controlling point of a botnet. Botnets are computers that are usually infected by malware that can allow the hacker to gain total control of the computer so as to send out spam, spyware, malware, and also control other computers, making them part of another bot in the group.

Nefarious Storage Services

Stashes of Data

They couldbe able to store stolen data that may have been gotten due to corporate espionage, credit card databases, data breachesand more.  It is quite harmless to keep this sort of data in one of the available servers for some reasons. These places where the data are kept have backup systems in place that are secure. Furthermore, if the cybercriminal were arrested, the authorities won’t find the data on their personal equipment.

Storage of Malware

Hackers can store the malware and tool library on these remote servers, as the servers provide larger options for storage than a PC.

Black Market Websites

People could host “concealed” websites on these servers. These sites host online gambling, pornography, and black market websites on the dark web. After speaking with an operator of one of these sites, he stated that his site sells illegal items such as hacking software, stolen PayPal accounts, ransomware kits etc.

Other black market websites hosted through bulletproof hosting can have anything sold to them, such as fake passports, illegal animals, credit card numbers, drugs, and much more.

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