How the Dog Playpen Supports Your Dog Training Regime

How the Dog Playpen Supports Your Dog Training Regime

An exercise pen or dog playpen is an Indoor facility for dogs that is a form of a fence. This facility is an ideal choice for an addition to your home. The exercise pen or dog playpen will ensure that your fur baby stops the certain bad habit, prevent accidents around your home and help in reinforcing good habits. Below you will find 6 uses of the exercise pen for puppies:

  1. To assist a pet in falling asleep and settling down
  2. To help in teaching your pet to be self-reliant and to enjoy some personal time, which will come in handy when you are busy or need to leave.
  3. To teach your pet to stop any habits of biting – all that is required is that when you playing with your pet within the confines of the playpen and you he bites you, squeal and exit the playpen for about 10 – 15 seconds then continue with the previous activity. You will observe that after some days your pet will bite you a lot less because he does not want any form of interruption while playing with you.
  4. If you intend on training your pet to use the potty, you can incorporate a potty area inside the playpen and have your pet have a full understanding of the essence of the potty area. Ensure your pet is familiar with this area since it will be inside the facility.
  5. To assist with teaching your poet basic commands – if you ensure that majority of your pet training is within the playpen, over time your dog will understand that this facility is somewhat a learning facility, thus making is learn quicker and paying more attention to any new training being Introduced. One important thing is that you ensure that your pet is familiar with the commands. In addition, ensure that some practice of the command is carried out outside the facility in various spaces around the house.

If you have children in your home, you can also have them with the dog in the dog playpen when you are busy with work around the house and you find it tedious to give your attention to the baby and the dog at the same time.

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