Anonymous Domain Registration – Protect Yourself with the Right PHP Framework

Anonymous Domain Registration – Protect Yourself with the Right PHP Framework

It is quite easy to find the person who owns a website. All you need to do is a WHOIS search on the website name. When this is done the name, address, state, city, zip and sometimes even a phone number will be gotten. To procure an anonymous domain registration is quite an easy way to protect yourself from all unwanted snail mail and telemarketing companies. The following advice above is principally for individuals and not for businesses.

An Anonymous domain registration provides:

– Protection of Identity – When your domain name is registeredwith a private registration, all of your registry details like your name, phone number and address are swapped by those of a third party. This third party is most times a different company that is run by the domain registrar for the unique and solitary purpose of offer privacy. You will still be the owner of the domain, the domain registrar is only acting as a proxy.

– Protection from Spam – Once your actual identity has been protected by the third party, all of your personal details are not accessible. Spammers cannot send you spam email or junk mail. Neither can any telemarketers get your number and call you. This is a good enough reason for private registration.

– Control what you disclose – Using private domain name registration controls what you reveal. Since the third party information will appear in a WHOIS search of your site, you can then control what information you want to reveal on your own website.

– Keep a private website – By a private registration, your website could stay anonymous. OR you could give your website its own online identity or you can choose to tell users what you want based on your own specific comfort level.

– Cheap – With the insanely low price of domain names these days, adding a few extra dollars won’t hurt so much. The cost of anonymous domain registrations could be as low as $4 but it cannot ever be higher than $8 or $9.

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